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Creating a Landing Page That Converts

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Landing Pages are extremely important in the success of advertising and marketing campaigns. A landing page is a dedicated page on your website that your campaign uses as a destination. For example, running a google adwords campaign or a direct mail piece should use a landing page to help convert the prospect into a qualified lead or even a sale. It's different than a normal web page because the content supports the campaign and you remove the number of calls to action so there is a clear sales funnel. There are a number of best practices associated to building a great landing page that converts, these include: Connection - Make Content straight and too the point (Set up the problem, talk solution, deliver the goods) Present in Bullet Points Benefits - Your Product or Service key benefits Social Proof- Testimonials from a customer 1 Call to Action - Reduce the amount of distraction (some even remove site navigation). If you are including a form, don't ask for too much up front Sweeten the deal - an Offer/Discount will lead to a deeper consideration Add Immediacy - Don't let them think your offer will be around forever. Provide a clear deadline. Include a logo of your company and other graphics. Make it clickable Make the page flow top to bottom Don't forget to thank them! - add a confirmation page, this can have links to the rest of your site The Page URL - make it memorable and use dashes (not underscores) between words in your URL These are the ingredients, it's your turn to bake your own landing page. One last thing to remember is to test, refine, test. There have been quite a few A/B testing services launched in the past few years so try to take advantage of them.

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